College is hard work, and you have multiple responsibilities to juggle while earning your degree. Due to a variety of stressors and responsibilities, too many community college students are not able to complete their associate degrees in a timely manner, if at all. ASAP is designed to help motivated community college students stay on track and graduate on time. If you’re selected for the program, we’ll provide you with academic, social and financial support to help you graduate in no more than three years.

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  • ASAP Benefits

    The ASAP team is here to guide you every step of the way on your path to graduation. Some of the benefits you could receive as an ASAP student include:

    • A free monthly MetroCard
    • A voucher for textbooks
    • A waiver covering tuition and mandatory fees
    • A dedicated ASAP advisor to guide you to graduation
    • Special class registration options

    The ASAP Resource Center (Room B-208) provides tutoring to help you improve your grades while developing your study skills. Take advantage of resources like computers for research and online assignments, a library of reference books, math software, exercise sheets for math and English homework, midterm and final review sessions, and online tutoring resources. Please note that tutoring is mandatory for all ASAP students enrolled in remedial courses.

    For details about tutoring hours and availability, call 718-730-7550.

    Whether you’ve decided on a career or not, the ASAP staff can help determine your goals and guide you toward a successful future.
    • Explore career options – Take the Career Finder (CF) assessment to help choose the right career based on your interests. Find the assessment through My LaGuardia.
    • Create a resume and cover letter – Meet with us or attend workshops to create or improve your resume and cover letter.
    • Attend a mock interview – A practice interview is required for ASAP students. It will help you improve your professional presence and interviewing techniques while learning what questions to ask and how to prepare.
    • Create a LinkedIn account – We’ll help you develop your web presence and encourage you to reach out to professionals for informative interviews and mentorship opportunities.
    • Attend a career event – Every semester, you’ll get the chance to practice networking and interviewing, explore career options and attend career panels to learn from professionals.

    On-campus student childcare assistance (subject to ECLC’s capacity and funding availability)

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  • Students attending a seminar- ASAP

  • "Being in ASAP was an awesome opportunity which made it possible to get free transportation, free textbooks, free tutoring services, and the most valuable group of Academic Advisors who treat us as their family, and dedicated their precious time in helping us plan our careers and futures." - Khalid

  • Students attending a lecture - ASAP
  • Are you Eligible?

    • Enrolled full-time (minimum of 12 Credits in Session I and 3 Credits in Session II)
    • Eligible for New York City resident tuition
    • Completed the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and the New York State Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) application
    • Have not yet completed more than 15 college credits
    • Be proficient in Math and/or English or require no more than two developmental supports.*
    • Enroll immediately and continuously in any developmental supports
    • Maintain a GPA of 2.0 or higher

    All ASAP and ACE students (U.S. Citizens and Permanent Residents) must complete the FAFSA and TAP application each year and accept any federal and state grant aid awarded (Pell, SEOG, TAP). Students not in receipt of financial aid but otherwise eligible may join but may not receive a tuition waiver.

    The New York State Dream Act helps students receive state aid, including TAP, Excelsior, and other state-administered scholarships. Visit www.hesc.ny.gov/dream for eligibility and to apply.

    Not eligible to file for financial aid? No problem! You can still join ASAP and receive all the ASAP benefits, except for the tuition waiver. Please notify the recruitment team for further instructions.

    All majors are eligible, except undeclared nursing, physical therapy assistant, occupational therapy assistant, EMT, radiology, dietetic technician and certificate programs.

    Please note that you cannot participate in both SEEK/College Discovery and ASAP.

  • "Being part of ASAP made me feel that I was never alone. I always felt that I had a place to go to whether I needed emotional support, or an extra push to make me work harder. The feeling of anxiety that I would not live up to my full potential because of my setback, quickly deteriorated thanks to this program." - Selma

  • ASAP - How to Apply

    How to Apply

    To apply, simply follow these steps.

    1. Complete the ASAP Interest Form.
      • An ASAP recruiter will email you within 48 hours regarding your eligibility and next steps.
    2. Attend an Information/Enrollment Session
    3. Meet with ASAP Advisor
    4. Complete the ASAP Orientation

    Program slots are limited. Complete the steps as soon as possible to be considered.

  • "ASAP has been helping us to explore our potentials, to dare to do more in order to afford our dreams." - Yunxi

  • Vision - ASAP
  • LaGuardia’s ASAP Team 

    Our mission is to support and empower you to take ownership of your self-discovery process through a committed and socially responsible community that stimulates and nurtures a culture of lifelong learning.

    • Student-centered: We support you holistically, helping shape your future and personal development. We do this by creating a space where you can identify and explore your passions.
    • Leadership: We foster a supportive community that inspires and empowers everyone to reach their full potential by embodying the role of a responsible educator, learner and professional.
    • Professionalism: Being willing and ready to work, we hold a self-reflecting spirit that upholds effective communication, accountability, honesty and support, providing tools for continuous growth.
    • Innovation: We strive to foster community through integrating new approaches, best practices and excellence.
    • Development: We celebrate a multicultural environment rooted in dedicated student support, self-care and effective communication, providing all-inclusive growth for the ASAP community.
    • Integrity: We believe in the value of honesty, taking ownership and accountability and being genuine in our relationships. We embrace diversity and aim to inspire, empower and motivate each other to provide a safe learning environment for our community.

    Matthew Eckhoff
    Interim Program Director
    Aura Paulino
    Associate Director

    Danny Ng
    Recruitment Specialist

    Charis Victory
    Interim Associate Directo

    Alexa Duque
    Associate Director

    Rocio Rosado
    Career Employment Specialist
    David Roze
    Resource Center Coordinator
    Michelle Holguin
    ASAP Academic Program Coordinator

    Senior Advisors

    Esther Rosa 
    Madelyn Nieves 


    Marlenes Berroa
    Caroline Mendez 
    Michelle Castro 
    Lucila Sanchez 
    Frank Espinal 
    Nicole Pellegrino 
    Nebyat Woldemichael
    Stephanie Buscemi 
    Stefania Dinu 
    Mark Yepez 
    Lauren Rumsky 
    Jabari Stewart 
    Diane Vasquez 

    Non-Advisors with Director, AD’s, Resource Center Coordinator, etc.

    Cassidy Ellis
    Recruitment Coordinator

    Lissette Aguilar
    Recruitment Coordinator
    Yesenia Sanchez
    Financial Aid Coordinator