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    College is hard work, and you have multiple responsibilities to juggle while earning your degree. Due to a variety of stressors and responsibilities, too many community college students are not able to complete their associate degrees in a timely manner, if at all. ASAP is designed to help motivated community college students stay on track and graduate on time. If you’re selected for the program, we’ll provide you with academic, social and financial support to help you graduate in no more than three years.

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  • CUNY ASAP Benefits

  • Benefits you receive as a CUNY ASAP
    student include:

    A free unlimited MetroCard
    Textbook assistance to reduce (or eliminate) the cost of textbooks
    A scholarship covering tuition and mandatory fees for any gap left after applying your financial aid award (for students in receipt of financial aid)
    A dedicated advisor to guide your progress from entry to graduation
    Special registration options that help you get the classes you need that also fit your schedule
    Opportunities to take classes with fellow ASAP/ACE students to foster community and build your network
    Build NACE career development competencies with our Career Specialists and academic support services
  • Is there a catch?

    There is no catch! In exchange for ALL these resources, you will need to:

    Are/were you in foster care?

    Receive additional benefits, such as:

    • Tuition and fee gap scholarship (Admissions, CUNY Start, and Math Start)
    • Intersession tuition assistance (Free summer and winter courses)
    • Full coverage of MetroCards (Replacement MetroCards)
    • Full coverage of all textbooks and more. Learn more.

  • The ASAP Resource Center (Room B-208) provides tutoring to help you improve your grades while developing your study skills. Take advantage of resources like computers for research and online assignments, a library of reference books, math software, exercise sheets for math and English homework, midterm and final review sessions, and online tutoring resources. Please note that tutoring is mandatory for all ASAP students enrolled in remedial courses.

    For details about tutoring hours and availability, call 718-730-7550.

    Whether you’ve decided on a career or not, the ASAP staff can help determine your goals and guide you toward a successful future.
    • Explore career options – Take the Career Finder (CF) assessment to help choose the right career based on your interests. Find the assessment through My LaGuardia.
    • Create a resume and cover letter – Meet with us or attend workshops to create or improve your resume and cover letter.
    • Attend a mock interview – A practice interview is required for ASAP students. It will help you improve your professional presence and interviewing techniques while learning what questions to ask and how to prepare.
    • Create a LinkedIn account – We’ll help you develop your web presence and encourage you to reach out to professionals for informative interviews and mentorship opportunities.
    • Attend a career event – Every semester, you’ll get the chance to practice networking and interviewing, explore career options and attend career panels to learn from professionals.

  • "Being in ASAP was an awesome opportunity which made it possible to get free transportation, free textbooks, free tutoring services, and the most valuable group of Academic Advisors who treat us as their family, and dedicated their precious time in helping us plan our careers and futures." - Khalid

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  • Are you Eligible?

    • Enrolled full-time (minimum of 12 Credits in Session I and 3 Credits in Session II)
    • Eligible for New York City resident tuition
    • Completed the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and the New York State Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) application
    • Have not yet completed more than 15 college credits
    • Be proficient in Math and/or English or require no more than two developmental supports.*
    • Enroll immediately and continuously in any developmental supports
    • Maintain a GPA of 2.0 or higher

    All ASAP and ACE students (U.S. Citizens and Permanent Residents) must complete the FAFSA and TAP application each year and accept any federal and state grant aid awarded (Pell, SEOG, TAP). Students not in receipt of financial aid but otherwise eligible may join but may not receive a tuition waiver.

    The New York State Dream Act helps students receive state aid, including TAP, Excelsior, and other state-administered scholarships. Visit www.hesc.ny.gov/dream for eligibility and to apply.

    Not eligible to file for financial aid? No problem! You can still join ASAP and receive all the ASAP benefits, except for the tuition waiver. Please notify the recruitment team for further instructions.

    All majors are eligible, except undeclared nursing, physical therapy assistant, occupational therapy assistant, EMT, radiology, dietetic technician and certificate programs.

    Please note that you cannot participate in both SEEK/College Discovery and ASAP.

  • "Being part of ASAP made me feel that I was never alone. I always felt that I had a place to go to whether I needed emotional support, or an extra push to make me work harder. The feeling of anxiety that I would not live up to my full potential because of my setback, quickly deteriorated thanks to this program." - Selma

  • How to Apply

    Step 1

    Step 1:

    Be a current student or apply to LaGuardia.

    Step 2

    Step 2:

    Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and New York State Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) application each year.*

    Step 3

    Step 3:

    Accept your offer of admission and complete all LaGuardia admissions requirements.

    Step 4

    Step 4:

    Tell us you’re interested:

    I’m Interested

    An ASAP recruiter will email you within 48 hours regarding your eligibility and next steps.

    Program slots are limited. Complete the steps as soon as possible to be considered.

  • "ASAP has been helping us to explore our potentials, to dare to do more in order to afford our dreams." - Yunxi

  • For Family/Friends

    Students’ support systems can help ensure they succeed academically, professionally and personally. See the following resources for support.

    LaGuardia ASAP is dedicated to helping students graduate with their associate degree in no more than three years. Our students receive all the support they need to accomplish their academic goals, including the benefits listed above as well as a tuition-gap waiver (if eligible).
    Our students must complete the following:

    • Meet with a personal advisor twice each month
    • Attend a summer/winter institute
    • Participate in the career development process to prepare for career success
    • Maintain full-time enrollment status (12 or more credit hours per semester)
    • Complete all remedial courses within the first year of being in the program
    • Attend tutoring as assigned
    • Maintain a minimum of 2.0 GPA
    • Complete four ASAP-reserved courses in the first year
    • Graduate from LAGCC within three years

    All students who are eligible to file for financial aid must do so even if they believe they will not receive financial assistance. Complete the free FAFSA and TAP applications at fafsa.gov. Important: LaGuardia must be listed on each application as the primary college using the following school codes:

    • FAFSA school code: 010051
    • TAP school code: 1403

    For questions or help completing the application, reach out to Student Financial Services.

    Need additional financial assistance? Apply for scholarships, emergency funds and internships through the LaGuardia Community College Foundation.

    • LaGuardia’s academic calendar indicates important college dates, such as the first and last day of the semester, dates in which students can properly drop a class and obtain refunds, college closures, collegewide course schedule changes and more. All students are expected to be aware of these important dates.
    • Once students receive their acceptance letters, guide them through the Enrollment Checklist to ensure they complete all necessary admissions processes.
    • See the College’s FERPA Release Form for more information about the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA).
    • Learn about CUNY Pathways, which are courses available at all CUNY colleges that meet basic graduation requirements. Taking a pathways course guarantees that it will transfer to another CUNY college and will meet the same graduation requirement there.

    LaGuardia students can access several free support services, such as additional tutoring, public assistance. crisis support and more.

    • CUNY EDGE: A range of services, benefits and support to help students succeed in college and in their careers.
    • LaGuardia CARES: Assistance with everyday needs and a food pantry
    • Wellness Center: Short-term counseling, crisis intervention, virtual group counseling, workshops and activities.
    • Office of Accessibility: Test-taking accommodations, note-taking assistance, alternate-formate textbooks, furniture and room accommodations, assistive technology, hearing accommodations and tutoring services.

    Find out more about the LaGuardia ASAP program.

  • Vision - ASAP
  • LaGuardia’s ASAP Team 

    Our mission is to support and empower you to take ownership of your self-discovery process through a committed and socially responsible community that stimulates and nurtures a culture of lifelong learning.

    • Student-centered: We support you holistically, helping shape your future and personal development. We do this by creating a space where you can identify and explore your passions.
    • Leadership: We foster a supportive community that inspires and empowers everyone to reach their full potential by embodying the role of a responsible educator, learner and professional.
    • Professionalism: Being willing and ready to work, we hold a self-reflecting spirit that upholds effective communication, accountability, honesty and support, providing tools for continuous growth.
    • Innovation: We strive to foster community through integrating new approaches, best practices and excellence.
    • Development: We celebrate a multicultural environment rooted in dedicated student support, self-care and effective communication, providing all-inclusive growth for the ASAP community.
    • Integrity: We believe in the value of honesty, taking ownership and accountability and being genuine in our relationships. We embrace diversity and aim to inspire, empower and motivate each other to provide a safe learning environment for our community.

  • Meet our Staff

    ASAP Director
    Matthew Eckhoff
    Matthew Eckhoff is a proactive and knowledgeable leader, possessing over 11 years of experience in Academic Advisement with diverse student groups. As a proud community college graduate and Licensed Social Worker, he strives to support community college students' access to higher education and career endeavors to enhance the lives of themselves and their loved ones. Mr. Eckhoff has been with the ASAP program at LaGuardia Community College for over eight years. He has served in the program as an academic advisor, associate director, and currently as the program director. Outside of work, Matthew spends his free time with his wife and two children while studying to complete his Doctorate in Higher Education Administration at the University of Southern Mississippi.

    ASAP Associate Director
    Alexa Duque
    Alexa T. Duque serves as an Associate Director for LaGuardia Accelerated Studies in Associates Program (ASAP). Ms. Duque has been with the ASAP team since 2015. In her tenure within the program, she has served as an academic advisor, supervised the ASAP resource center, supervised the ASAP career development services, supervised the ASAP recruitment team, supported readmitting student initiatives, and supervised the ASAP financial aid and tuition areas of the program. Ms. Duque also served as the program manager for LaGuardia’s Part-Time Initiative (PTI) program. Presently, she supervises full-time academic advisors, manages the program benefits (MetroCards and Textbooks), and supervises The ASAP Networking and Exploring for Transfer (N.ExT) Initiative. Before working at LaGuardia Ms. Duque worked in the Academic Advisement and Transfer Center at The Borough of Manhattan Community College-CUNY (BMCC) working with the general student population and special populations such as veterans, readmitting students, students on probations, transfer students, and students with ATB holds. Ms. Duque also worked at John Jay College of Criminal Justice-CUNY (JJAY) as an academic advisor within the Counseling Department, the Academic Advisement Department, and Urban Male Initiative. She is presently working on her Doctorate of Education (EdD) from Drexel University concentrating in educational policy. She earned her Bachelors of Arts at John Jay College in Forensic Psychology with a concentration in counseling/ human services and she earned her master’s in Education (MSEd) from Baruch College-CUNY in Higher Education Administration.

    ASAP Associate Director
    Aura Paulino-Regalado
    Aura Paulino-Regalado was born in San Francisco De Macoris, Dominican Republic. She migrated to the U.S. at the age of 27 with her children and began her educational journey at CUNY Hostos Community College. Aura completed the CLIP program and successfully achieved her associate degree in Applied Science. Aura transferred to CUNY Lehman College and obtained a BA in Sociology and Education, and then pursued a master’s in School Counseling. After eight years of working as an academic advisor in another CUNY Institution, Aura came to work at LaGuardia Community College in Fall 2015. Since her arrival at LaGCC, Aura’s commitment to the ASAP program mission and her teamwork contributions led to her promotion to ASAP Associate Director of Advisement. Now, this first-generation student, with two kids of her own who earned their master’s and bachelor’s degrees, is proud to be here at LAGCC to cheer on the ASAP team and lead them to the next level.

    ASAP Associate Director
    Charis Victory
    Charis Victory is one of three Associate Directors of Advising at ASAP LaGuardia. Born in Trinidad, but raised in Brooklyn, NY, she obtained a B.A. in Finance from Pace University and an M.A. in Higher Education from NYU. She started at LaGuardia in 2016; however, she has worked for ASAP since 2013. Charis also represents the Student Success department as a senator on the College Senate and is the chair of the College Senate sub-committee, Committee on Committees.

    ASAP Engagement Specialist
    Nicole Pellegrino
    Nicole Pellegrino is the Engagement Specialist for the Accelerated Study in Associate Programs (ASAP) and helps connect students with resources and referral services to overcome any obstacles and increase their chances of success in graduation. She is also an Adjunct Lecturer for the Psychology Department at Baruch College since 2014 and teaches a broad range of Psychology courses to undergraduates including Psychology of Stress Management, Abnormal Psychology, Social Psychology, and Psychology of Religion. Previously, Nicole has worked as a Mental Health Specialist for the YMCA of Greater New York, Advocate Counselor for SCO Family of Services at Bronx Arena High School, and as an Individual and Family Therapist for The New York Foundling. Nicole holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and a Master of Arts degree in Mental Health Counseling from Baruch College and is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor for the state of New York.

    ASAP Engagement Coordinator
    Lissette Aguilar
    Lissette Aguilar serves as the Engagement Coordinator at the ASAP Program at LaGuardia Community College. Previously she was an advisor at Hostos Community College. Lissette also has worked as a College Assistant in Student Advising Services at LaGuardia Community College in which she advised students in the health science major. She is very passionate about student growth and success in their career. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Social Work from York College and an Associate of Arts in Social Science and Humanities from LaGuardia Community College.

    ASAP Program Coordinator
    Michelle Holguin
    Michelle A. Holguin has been with ASAP since 2010, since joining the program as a College Assistant she has served many roles and committees, from being the ASAP Financial Aid Support to becoming the ASAP Program Coordinator in 2020. She is passionate about helping students achieve their goals. Michelle is a LaGuardia Community College ASAP alumni, where she received an Associate of Science in Business Administration. She went on to receive her Bachelor of Art in Sociology with a minor in Philosophy at Queens College, where she is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Urban Affairs.

    ASAP Resource Center Coordinator
    David Roze
    David A. Roze serves as the ASAP Program Coordinator for ASAP LaGuardia. Among other duties, he recruits, oversees, and trains the tutors of the ASAP Resource Center. He has previous experience working in international finance, developmental NGOs as well as various positions within higher education. He holds a Master of Arts in International Relations with a concentration in Nuclear Security from the City College of New York, and a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Stony Brook University.

    ASAP Recruitment Specialist
    Danny Ng
    Danny Ng serves as ASAP's lead Recruitment Specialist at LaGuardia Community College. Prior to this role, Danny was the Director of Transfer Admissions at a private university where he worked specifically with community college students from the greater New York City area. He has extensive experience in enrollment management from recruitment to matriculation. Danny earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Management at Stony Brook University and his Master of Business Administration at Long Island University.

    ASAP Recruitment Coordinator
    Ayoka Christopher-Skinner
    Ayoka Christopher-Skinner currently serves as the ASAP Recruitment Coordinator at LaGuardia Community College. Prior to her role as an ASAP Recruitment Coordinator, she served as the FCI (Foster Care Initiative) Recruitment Assistant at CUNY Central Office. Ayoka also served as the Interim PTI (Part-Time Initiative) Academic Advisor at LaGuardia. She has over ten years of administrative experience and four years of higher education experience. She currently attends Queens College where she’s pursuing a master’s degree in Urban Affairs with a concentration in Public Sector Management. She also holds a bachelor’s degree in Fraud Examination and Financial Forensics with a minor in Public Administration from John Jay College of Criminal Justice and an associate degree in Accounting from LaGuardia Community College.

    ASAP Career Specialist
    Rocio Reynoso
    Rocio Reynoso serves as the Career Specialist with ASAP. She is an experienced Career Services professional with a demonstrated history of working in the higher education industry. She is skilled in career development, mock interviews, developing an online professional presence, and career counseling. Rocio possesses a master's degree focused in Human Resources Management from John Jay College of Criminal Justice. She is passionate about helping students achieve their goals and learning about culture through food.

    ASAP Financial Aid Coordinator
    Yesenia Sanchez
    Yesenia Sanchez serves as the Financial Aid Coordinator for the ASAP program, supporting students with completing their federal and state financial aid applications every year and addressing any verification requirements. She works determining the ASAP scholarship eligibility if there is a gap in the students’ tuition. She previously worked as Financial Aid Officer at the New York Institute of Beauty, providing one-on-one support to all students with their financial aid applications. She has 20 years of experience in the financial aid field, working with federal and state-based programs.

    ASAP Senior Academic Advisor
    Esther Rosa
    Esther Rosa was born in Washington Heights but was raised in South Bronx. She graduated as an Educational Opportunity alumni from SUNY Binghamton University with a B.A. in History and B.S. in Human Development. Afterward, she pursued a master’s in Social Work from CUNY Hunter College and is a certified License Social Worker. Prior to working at LaGuardia Community College, Esther worked in various nonprofit organizations in youth development, counseling, college readiness, and overall as an innovative supporter of student success and empowerment. Esther currently serves as the ASAP Senior Academic Advisor at LaGuardia and works as a part-time instructor for the Reading Department, teaching CSE 110: Literacy and Propaganda or CSE 120: Reading the Biography.

    ASAP Senior Academic Advisor
    Jenny Lugo
    Jenny Lugo (M.S.Ed.), majored in English Literature and minored in Secondary Education at Queens College. She went on to complete her Master of Education in TESOL at Queens College while working at LaGuardia’s Writing Center. At LaGuardia, she was directly involved in the creation and implementation of the Peer Advisor Academy Program as well as implemented the C.R.E.A.R. Futuros Program. She is the first in her family to graduate with a master’s degree and it is the love for teaching and learning that drives her to impart the value of education in her students and her two-year-old daughter. The pressures of working parenthood drive her in her new passion for supporting other parents, especially women, who are balancing a profession and family life.

    ASAP Senior Academic Advisor
    Jose Ramos
    Jose Ramos is a Senior Academic Advisor in the Accelerated Study in Associate Programs. Since joining the ASAP program in July 2016, he has served in various roles and committees. Currently, he is a proud member of the ASAP STEM workgroup, Innovators, where students are supported and connected to industry professionals, faculty, resources, scholarships, and internship opportunities. In addition, he is super passionate about the power of relationship-building to better support, advise, and guide students to graduation successfully. Mr. Ramos earned his bachelor's and master's degrees in criminal justice from John Jay College of Criminal Justice, specializing in criminal procedure. In his thesis, currently published at John Jay College, he wrote about Stalking on College Campuses: A Hidden Danger. Finally, he is an avid baseball fan who loves practicing sports and listening to music.

    ASAP Academic Advisor
    Anel Rojas
    ASAP Academic Advisor
    Alice Wong
    Alice Wong is an Academic ASAP Student Advisor for the ASAP Program. Prior to joining the program in May 2017, she was a transcript evaluator and academic advisor at other institutions. Alice holds a Master of Science in Childhood Education from Hunter College and a Bachelor of Science in Animal Sciences from Cornell University. In her downtime, she enjoys traveling, taking long walks, and exploring the different neighborhoods/restaurants in NYC.

    ASAP Academic Advisor
    Angela Wang
    Angela Wang joined LaGuardia Community College as an ASAP Academic Advisor in 2019. She believes that education is the most powerful leverage one can use to improve their life. A proud CUNY graduate, she has a Bachelor of Arts in History with an Economics minor from Lehman College and a Master of Education in Higher Education Administration from Baruch College. Having been a career counselor for 6 years before transitioning to an academic advisor, her background heavily informs her academic advising style, which is practical, goal-oriented, and student-focused. A born and bred New Yorker, Angela prefers her bagels toasted with smear, lox and capers.

    ASAP Academic Advisor
    Brett Cummings
    Brett Cummings serves as an Academic Advisor in the Accelerated Study in Associate Program (ASAP). He is an Alumni of Mercy College in which he holds his degree in Communication. Prior to joining ASAP, Mr. Cummings worked as a College Success Coordinator for the Harlem Children's Zone where he focused on aiding assistance to students graduating from 4-year colleges/universities and transitioning into Masters Programs or workforce placement. In previous semesters, Mr. Cummings worked with project D.I.V.E which provided students with opportunities and information that helped to increase awareness as it relates to LaGuardia Community Colleges diversity, equity, and inclusion. He currently serves as a member of NExT, which is a subsidiary of ASAP that focuses on providing students in the program with assistance and resources connected to transferring to a 4-year college or university.

    ASAP Academic Advisor
    Caroline Mendez
    Caroline Mendez is an alumnus from LaGuardia Community College, receiving an A.A.S. in Computer Operations, which lead her to SUNY Empire State College where she received her baccalaureate degree in Cultural Studies. She then has gone on to earn a master’s degree in Urban Affairs/Studies at Queens College. Caroline has been employed with LaGuardia Community College since 2007 she has had the greatest experience in working with the ASAP Program as the Administrative Coordinator working with the many directors of the program and the wonderful staff members that indirectly made her want to do more. In 2019, she switched over to the job of her dreams as an ASAP Academic Advisor where she has had such a great opportunity to help students get from point A to point Z and graduate to go on and continue their future endeavors. A special thanks to her students/graduates; she is so very proud of you all!

    ASAP Academic Advisor
    Diane Vasquez
    Diane E. Vasquez serves as an Academic Advisor within the Accelerated Students Studies Program (ASAP). Previously, she was an Academic Advisor II, for the University of La Verne, located in California. Here, she served students completing a bachelor’s or master’s degree in a variety of majors. Prior to the higher education position, for twelve years she served as a K12 School Counselor at various locations in southern California. During this time, she volunteered for the Ventura County School Counselor Association (ACSCA), serving in the role of President-Elect. Here, she provided leadership for continuing education opportunities for the school counselor in Ventura County, CA. She holds an advanced master’s in School Counseling from The College of New Rochelle, NY, a master’s in School Counseling from California Lutheran University, and a bachelor’s in Psychology and Child and Adolescent Development from California State University, Northridge.

    ASAP Academic Advisor
    Evelyn Franco
    Evelyn Franco has two Bachelor of Arts degrees in Media Studies/Spanish and English Language Arts from Hunter College. She is currently working toward her Master of Science in Education (MSEd) in Higher Education Administration at Baruch College and will graduate in Fall 2022. Previously, she worked at Hunter College and CUNY School of Medicine at City College and has been at LaGuardia as an ASAP Academic Advisor since July 2020.

    ASAP Academic Advisor
    Frank Espinal
    Frank Espinal currently works as an Academic Advisor for ASAP. He is a graduate of Saint John’s University, in which he holds his degree in History with a minor in Secondary Elementary Education. Prior to joining ASAP, Frank worked as a Program Director for the Research Foundation of CUNY, facilitating workforce initiatives for under-employed and unemployed New Yorkers and as an Academic Support Manager for the CLIP program at Hostos Community College. He has been working in higher education since 2010 and has a passion for criminal justice reform and making education accessible for all of the residents of this city. He also works in the public and social health working group and is excited to develop some new concepts.

    ASAP Academic Advisor
    Ariel Rosario
    ASAP Academic Advisor
    Lauren Rumsky
    Lauren Rumsky is an ASAP Academic Advisor. Prior to joining the ASAP team, she worked in K-12 schools for over 10 years. She served as a school counselor in a private special education school and then a charter school for 7 years. She holds a Master of Science degree in education with a concentration in School Counseling from Long Island University- Brooklyn, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Sociology from Stony Brook University.

    ASAP Academic Advisor
    Liana Brower
    Liana Brower is a Brooklyn native. She attended the Bronx High School of Science and then went to the University of Wisconsin at Madison where she minored in Women's Studies and double majored in African-American Studies and Political Science. After college, she moved to London, England where half her family is from, and worked in hospitality. She returned to NYC to pursue her Master's in Public Administration at Baruch College. She previously worked at iMentor helping recent immigrant students at the International High School at Lafayette work with their mentors and apply to college. She has been at ASAP at LaGuardia since 2019 and is very proud of her student's success. She enjoys motivating her students, discussing their highlights and lowlights, and seeing them reach their goals. In her free time, Liana hangs with her cats (Desus & Mero), cooks, reads, and catches up with friends and family.

    ASAP Academic Advisor
    Lucila Sanchez
    Lucila Sanchez is an academic advisor in the Accelerated Study in Associate Programs (ASAP). Within the ASAP program, she serves on the Innovators working group supporting STEM students with resources, scholarships, and internships. Previously, she was a college & career pathways advisor in the Bridge to College and Careers Program in the Continuing Education department at LaGuardia Community College. Lucila also worked at the College Success Office in the Harlem Children’s Zone supporting students transitioning into college through obtaining post-graduate jobs and/ or graduate school applications. She holds a Master in Liberal Studies with a concentration in Urban Education and a Bachelor of Science in Advertising, Marketing, and Communications from the Fashion Institute of Technology.

    ASAP Academic Advisor
    Marlenes Berroa
    ASAP Advisor Marlenes Berroa, born and raised in the Dominican Republic, when she came to NYC in 1996, she only knew basic English. Her passion and drive for a better future, made her understand that the English language was not going to be an obstacle for her to continue her education in NYC. After taking English classes for a year, she attended Hostos Community College in the Bronx, where she earned her Associates Degree in Gerontology “The scientific study of old age, the process of aging, and the particular problems of old people''. Ms. Berroa then proceeded to attend Lehman College also located in the Bronx where she earned her Bachelor’s in Social Work. After working about 8 years with and for the community in the social work field, Ms. Berroa decided to get her Masters’ Degree in Education, which she earned from Alfred University in Alfred New York. Ms. Berroa loves working with and for the community. She believes that education is power and regardless of where we might end up in this wonderful world of ours, your education and knowledge is the one thing that no one can take away from you!

    ASAP Academic Advisor
    Mark Yepez
    Mark Yepez is a LaGuardia Community College ASAP alumnus who majored in Criminal Justice and earned his master's in Bilingual Education. He has been working in education since 2013. Mark believes that he did not get to where he is on his own and must therefore turn around and continue to help those that come after him and give back to his community. His family is his source of motivation.

    ASAP Academic Advisor
    Michelle Castro
    Sgt. Michelle Castro served in the United States Marine Corps from 2005 to 2009. While serving in the military, her education was one of her main priorities and she decided to pursue her education full-time once she finished her military contract. She then received her B.S. in Sociology from Queens College and her M.S. in Organizational Leadership from Lehman College. She is proud to be the first in her family to graduate with a Masters Degree and on to a doctorate in the near future. As a believer in higher education, Michelle continues to share her journey with her students and encourages them to step out of their comfort zone and face their fears to achieve their goals.

    ASAP Academic Advisor
    Nebiyat Woldemichael
    Nebiyat Woldemichael is an academic advisor in the Accelerated Study in Associate Programs (ASAP). Within the ASAP program, she serves on the Innovators working group supporting STEM students with resources, scholarships, and internships. Previously, she was a program supervisor supporting adults with developmental disabilities. Nebiyat worked as a program officer at Parliamentarians for Global Action, training parliamentarians from around the world on peacebuilding and conflict resolution. She is a social worker with a Master’s in Social Work from Hunter College and a Master’s in International Affairs from Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Peace Studies from Chapman University.

    ASAP Academic Advisor
    Anabel Rivas
    ASAP Academic Advisor
    Oslyn Mathlin
    Oslyn C Mathlin is an Academic Advisor within the ASAP department at LaGuardia Community College. Prior to this role, she served as the Student Support Specialist within the Continuing Education Dept at Queensborough Community College. Oslyn has also served as a College Assistant within the Office of Accessibility at Borough of Manhattan Community College. She holds a master’s degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from Brooklyn College and a Bachelor of Arts in the same field from Baruch College.

    ASAP Academic Advisor
    Stefania Dinu
    Stefania Dinu is an ASAP Advisor who guides, mentors, and coaches students to complete their Associate Degrees and obtain long-term economic mobility. Previously, she worked within the Institutional Advancement Division at LaGuardia Community College, where she served as the Honors Internship Program Student Liaison and Development Coordinator. In addition, she has co-taught philosophy courses and volunteered as an English Conversational Partner. With over seven years of experience in higher education, Stefania is adept in community college experiences as faced by students from diverse urban backgrounds. She holds a MA in Aesthetics, Women’s Studies, and Cultural Criticism and a B.A. in Arts in Context from The New School. Stefania is also a graduate of LaGuardia Community College where she obtained her A.A. in Liberal Arts.

    ASAP Academic Advisor
    Stephanie Buscemi
    Stephanie Buscemi has been an advisor with the ASAP Program at LaGuardia Community College since the Fall of 2018. Prior to joining the ASAP Program, Stephanie taught Italian in the NYC DOE for four years as well as being the Coordinator of Student Activities. Stephanie received her Bachelors of Arts in Adolescent Education with a minor in Italian studies from Pace University, graduating Magna Cum Laude. She also holds a Master of Science in Education in Educational Technology from Pace.