• Who We Are

  • CUNY EDGE, formerly known as the COPE program, provides students with a range of services, benefits, and supports so that they succeed in college and in their careers.

    • CUNY EDGE envisions a world in which all people have access to the educational opportunities and support they need to realize academic success, a sustainable career, and a brighter future.
    • CUNY EDGE’s mission is to help CUNY students who are receiving public assistance achieve academic excellence, graduate on time, and find employment.

    CUNY EDGE is a partnership between the New York City Human Resources Administration (HRA) and the University. Matriculated CUNY undergraduate students who receive cash assistance from HRA are eligible to participate in CUNY EDGE.

  • Services - CUNY Edge


    • CUNY EDGE provides structured, effective programming to help students complete their degree.
    • The crux of CUNY EDGE’s work is individualized academic, personal, and career planning support.
    • We encourage consistent enrollment in courses each semester and enrollment in intersession classes, as needed
    • We promote a culture of academic excellence
    • We connect students to work opportunities while in school and provide career development services for job placement after graduation.
    • Advisors and other staff members lead a personal and professional development seminar series each semester to assist students with goal-setting, career development, and self-advocacy.
    • CUNY EDGE collaborates with other college offices to best support our students.
    • Students can participate in other CUNY programs such as ASAP, College Discovery, and SEEK at the same time as CUNY EDGE.

  • Human Resources Administration

    The HRA Fellowship Program (FP)

    The HRA Fellowship (FP) provides a limited number of paid work opportunities for CUNY EDGE students.

    Student Eligibility
    • CUNY EDGE staff identify available work opportunities on campus.
    • HRA determines eligibility and the number of hours each student is assigned.

    FP Site Placement
    • We screen and match students to appropriate sites, taking into consideration their majors, interests, and experience.
    • Students gain invaluable professional experience and build their resumes.
    • Students are able to work up to 19 hours per week.

  • Contact CUNY EDGE Office

    31-10 Thomson Ave
    Room: MB-13
    Long Island City, NY 11101
    (917) 410-0709

    During these difficult times and in compliance with related city and state policies, CUNY EDGE program is operating remotely until further notice. Our advisors are available to speak with you and ready to answer your questions (no in-person services available). To make an appointment please call or email:

    Ada Bedor
    Telephone: (917) 410-0709
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    Naji Muniz
    Telephone: (631) 861-4063
    Make an appointment
    Career Specialist
    Erica Guzman
    Phone: (929) 224-4018
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    Kimberlee Vogel
    Telephone: (929) 367-1301
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    Beverlyn Blanco
    Telephone: (646) 484-8846
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    Advisor HRA Fellowship
    Tatyana Fridrikova
    Phone: (646) 470-5215
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